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The Message curtain was designed to the lobby of the Vapriikki Museum Center. Due to the corona restrictions, the changing major exhibition adjourned on for months and only the gray closed doors were visible in the lobby. At the entrance to the multifunctional museum center, it was confusingly gloomy, so we developed a colorful divider from the postcards used. Staff had to get out of the hallway, but at the same time it had to keep the audience away from there. We turned the cards into a light door curtain.The cards were naturally related to the card exhibition at the Vapriikki Postal Museum.


Due to the spring restrictions, the exhibitions closed, but in Vapriikki visited lunch customers every day to get their TAKE AWAY portion from the museum restaurant, the museum shop was also open and most importantly, the museum’s numerous employees were cheered up by the Message Curtain.

Corona restrictions also closed museum workshops, so we collaborated with the Postal Museum on a series of three craft videos.


We developed products and manufacturing instructions for them. The Postal Museum implemented the technical side of the videos.



Below is the first video

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