In our photographs surface of the water reflects events in the sky. Almost surreal clear spring light paints these pictures to the landscapes of mind, faux observations. Photographs were taken during one afternoon in April 2016 in Tampere at lake Pyhäjärvi.


Our work was in Emil Aaltonen museum 16.6.-20.8.2017 as a part of Tampere Art accosiation´s Finland 100 jubilee exhibition, ”With New Eyes”. ”Dreams, nightmares?” is a comment for a piece of art ”Icy Prospects 10” by Jorma Puranen from the collection of Emil Aaltonen museum.

From the exhibition: On the left Jorma Puranen's Icy Prospects 10, on the right our comment to that.

Jorma Puranen, Icy Prospects 10,
84 x 102, C-print, 2005

WITH NEW EYES - Suomi Finland 100

Tampere Artists’ Association Finland 100 years – jubilee exhibition

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