made of neck ties

“Tied up days”


Triptychs from 24 piece art work

each part mainly 54,5 x 54,5 cm


”Tied up days” is an 24 piece art work for the city of Tampere 240 year jubilee made by recycled neckties.


It is a result of ”Tied up secret...” –project. The residents of our hometown donated almost 5,000 neckties to us. We also collected stories related to neckties and they turned out to be really touching.


All of them, ties and stories, revealed the full spectrum of life. We truly were honored to be part of this people’s history. That is why we shared the experience with different actors, and some of the work was done with a youth action center, some with city dwellers and some with rehabilitative work. Mayor of Tampere received ”Tied up days” on behalf of city and citizens.

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