A comprehensive art turmoil for all your company's visual needs!

Would a proper art blast refresh your business environment? What if it were a natural part of sound and acoustics, for example? And the same repetitive pattern on touch screens and staff outfits?

Do you want to make a social impact, get a positive mark on your company and at the same time make art part of your brand already during the construction phase of the premises?


The percentage principle is a decision in principle to use part of the budget for a construction project for art.


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Comprehensive Percentage Handbooks are also available from there.

Digital art integrates with your company's technical needs such as high-end speakers and acoustic panels. The same work or series of works can also be used in your company's electronic communications on different platforms. It adapts to customer-facing screens and can also be used as a visual element in virtual presentations.


Our digital art can be printed on a variety of materials. We can also customize a simplified patterned version of the work you ordered for use in the company's textiles and other surfaces, such as graphic concrete.


Along with a unique work or series of works, we also transfer the copyrights, so you are free to use the material later for example in advertising.

Our works are references to the surrounding environment.
We take photos of the details of nature and the built environment.
We can assemble photo montages in collaboration with an interior designer or by listening to the wishes of the marketing team.
We have our own material bank at our disposal or we can take pictures for example, the architectural details of the building of your business and use them as a starting point for the works.


The themes in the images open up gradually and stand the test of time. Our nature-based images are soothing enduring favorites. They act as mood creators in hotel rooms, meeting rooms and lobby areas. Urban themes, on the other hand, offer surprising details, lights, colors and shadows.

Any questions?


We will be happy to answer both artistic and technical topics and will place an offer upon request, depending on the scale of the project.

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