Liblikas 3.(close-up)

from serie:

Liblikas - Points Of The View from Tartu

Graffiti, plastered and decayed wall surfaces, rusted railing of the bridge,

crack on the street corner,

butterfly on the steps


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from serie:

Points Of The View From Pyhäjärvi Lakeside

"Points Of The View from Pyhäjärvi lakeside" -serie was shot during one spring day.


Each artwork constructs from one photograph (Stumps "frames" from two photos).

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Folklore 3.(close-up)
from serie:

Points Of The View In Tampere


Points Of The View in Tampere -works a recreation ground creates a contrast to a build enviroment.


Suprisingly nature, which as a starting point seems tender, creates more sinister images than ie. exhaust fumes and graffiti. Maybe this is why nowadays nature feels more threatning and its upheavals more frightening than well planned urban setting.​

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PNT 6.
from serie:

Tiny Points Of The View From Tampere


Works for "Tiny Points Of The View From Tampere" -exhibition were born of noting the beauty of everyday life. While walking in city, we have focused our attention on small details, not always considered so aesthetic and photographed them. Close-up shots from different objects form a kaleidoscopic themes in which eg. concrete trail spilled in asphalt on Satamakatu meets the side of the dumpster graffiti on Kaupinkatu, oxidized copper pillar on Hämeenkatu chats with a broken bike rack on Hämeenpuisto.

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from serie:

Points Of The View In Archipelago


In ”Points Of The View In Archipelago”- exhibition one explores the Finnish archipelago and its nature in kaleidoscopic close up. The sea easily evokes a longing to travel, to take long journeys miles away, romantic visions of hazy oceans, boundless landscapes where the skyline no longer differs, the sky merges with the water, the sea joins the sky.

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We wanted to highlight nearby archipelagos natural landscapes created by nature itself. One can also explore without going far, to find a timeless treasures without moving anywhere.


We were surprised again and again how nature repeats its designs, colors, lights and shadows from stone into the water, from tree to flower.


While walking along the beach we took pictures of small details and then combined different images to each other, not manipulating them at all..


Pictures clicked naturally together and created new wonderful patterns, characters and worlds.


And from new patterns rise strong connotations to the Finnish national romantic images, to Kalevala, but also to remote countries, flying carpets and the marble palaces. One can indeed travel far without leaving at all.

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