Don’t you dare throw away your child’s old security blanket?


Do you still keep your own childhood treasures?


Have you saved youngster's school papers over the years and now s/he is graduating?


Do you have vague collections, stamps, stickers, old photos waiting to be added to the album?


We create portraits, memorial artworks and gifts from recycled materials. We use the materials you have accumulated and can help you sort them out.

You can start by thinking about your budget, material, theme, colors or leave everything to us, asking costs nothing. 


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We also make custom artwork for companies,
from surplus materials accumulated for them.

Could the next portrait of boss be
made of useless prints and shreds of old brochures?


Rejoice in the rubbish! Order our Garbage Art Workshop for your company's recreation day. In the relaxed craft workshop for adults, self- and group pictures are made of, for example, the company's own waste materials. Calm yourself, concentrate and focus, scissors in hand and fingers in the glue, let´s have fun!


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