2017 / 1:23 min

Unikuvia, uhkakuvia? / Dreams, nightmares?

(one frame)


In our work ”Dreams, nightmares?” we are thinking of longing for faraway places and leaving through independency. We live in times were some have opportunity to leave, others have to go, some can return and others can not go back. Also human responsibility for the nature and for humanity makes one wonder, what kind of marks we leave behind? Dreams, nightmares?

2018 / Photomontages by B&C ensemble

Points of the View
1 / 2 / 3

From Tampere to Tartu via Bali to Berlin

While traveling B&C ensemble photograph small details of their current surroundings. They put those pictures together by colours, shapes and rhythms. These works, new observations from selected themes, they call Points of the View.


Points of the view 1. / Bali, Indonesia:
munching monkey's 'Canang sari' & other tiny, holy and beautiful items from the paradise island. Collage from photos taken in Bali in summer 2017. Collage will be created during the exhibition to the gallery wall. Result is still a mystery to all.


Points of the view 2. / Tartu, Estonia:
broken neck of the bottle makes a butterfly and other observations from old, colourful and sunny town. Five works from 2017 (photo material in these montages were taken in summer 2016 in Tartu during staging the exhibition there)


Points of the view 3. / Tampere, Finland:
concrete trail spilled in asphalt meets the side of the dumpster and other kaleidoscopic themes from the city. 12-piece work from 2015.

2013 / 60 cm x 90 cm




This picture was part of our first exhibition "The First" in 2013. 

2009 / 100 cm x 75 cm


mixed media

2009 / 70 cm x 45 cm

Columba Livia Domestica

mixed media

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