Milla Laitinen Eiku Neuvonen, BA



Artist of the Season, Tampere Hall, Tampere, Tampere, Finland, 2013–2014

House Full of Art, Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere, Finland, 2012

The three-week collection, New Art Works of Art Lending Service, Tampere Artists´ Association, Gallery Emil, TampereFinland, 2011

VIMMA – Modus 10 years, Pirkanmaa designs IV, TR1, TampereFinland, 2011

Music on Canvas -exhibition, Tampere Guitar Festival, Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland, 2011

FABRICATION 2 FORSSA, Textile museum Tyyki, Forssa, Finland, 2011

FABRICATION - Finlayson 190th anniversary exhibition, TR1 Exhibition Centre, Tampere, Finland, 2010

Nowhere Finland - design exhibition, Seinäjoki Art Hall, Seinäjoki, Finland, 2010

Art On Distribution Cabinet I -project, Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art Hämeenpuisto, Tampere, Finland, 2009–2010

VALVEILLA, Pirkanmaa designs III, TR1 Exhibition Centre, Tampere, Finland, 2009

Artist of the Season, Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland, 2004

Best of The Art of Analyste -competition, Sanoma House Media Piazza, Helsinki, Finland, 2004
Tampere Artists´ Association presents: Artist of the Month, Kahveri, Tampere, Finland, 2002

Best of The Art of Analyste -competition, Sanoma House Media Piazza, Helsinki, Finland, 2002

Selected exhibition of Dispensing with Formalities -project, Rajatila Gallery, Tampere, Finland, 2002

Pistoksissa/In STITCes, Artsi Gallery, Siilinjärvi, Finland, (solo) 2001-2002

Degree Work Exhibition, Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland, 2000

Karu selli, Lapinlahti Art Museum, Lapinlahti, Finland, 1994


With Puu-group:
Roots, Restaurant Rytmi, Runokuu Event, Helsinki, (upcoming) 2018
Puugraffiti, Kuusela Center, Tampere, (upcoming) 2018
Puu, Tree-groups common exhibition, Center of Contemporary Art Pispala, Tampere, 2017
Pop up Hervanta, Tree-groups common installation, Tampere 2017
Kartanoise, Tree-groups common installation, Tampere 2017
Knit 'n' Tag, Tree-groups common installation, Turku 2017


With Karu Miina -group

Näkymä 2004”, environmental art exhibition, Toijala 2004

Haaste-kaupunkitila elää, urban artwork, Tampere 2003

Beyond Seven Rains, Gallery Kipinä, Lahti 2003

Paradise, Tartu Artists´ Association -invitation exhibition,Tartu, Estonia 2002

Dispensing with Formalities, Taidetta jakeluun! Aatetta jakeluun! -project, Turku 2002

Dispensing with Formalities, Taidetta jakeluun! Aatetta jakeluun! -project, Tampere 2001

Living a Perfect Life, Workers Central Museum, Tampere 2001



Porto, Portugal, 2019

Berlin, Germany, 2018

Lodtunduh, Bali, Indonesia, 2017

Tartto, Estonia, 2016

Prague, Czech Republic, Residence of Arts Council of Pirkanmaa 2007

India, Thar Desert of Rajasthan, Study Trip 1998



Production grant, City of Tampere, 2016

Scholarship, Auno and Mauri Riuttu Trust Fund 2012

”Tiiliratas” Tampere 230, Tampere City 230 years jubilee, logo competition victory 2009

Grant, Tampere Trade Club, Media Union 2004

“Suomalainen kallio” -invitation competition, First prize, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Armi Ratia Foundation 1994

To Karu Miina -group:

Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Pirkanmaa, Majaoja Foundation, FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, City of Tampere; The Department of Culture 2002

City of Tampere; The Department of Culture 2001



Postal Museum (reserve)

City of Tampere, Tampere Art Museum

Tampere Maja Foundation

Finnish National Board of Education

private collections



B&C ensemble

Tampere Artists´ Association

Modus, Pirkanmaa association of Design and Industrial Arts, board member, 2009-2010

Optimaali Coop, board member, 2005-2009



NEXTIILI-paja, Recyckling and work activity of Pirkanmaa 2015-2016
Poem, Occultism and Erotic - poem competition anthology 2015

Art worker since 2010

Graphic Designer, Image processor, Advertising Agency Humina, Buffone 2009–2010

VIILTO-visuaalisen ilmeen toimisto (own sole trader) 2005–2009


Exhibition Architect, ”Lelu Lapselle” -Best of Toy Design Competition, TR1 Exhibition Centre, Modus 2008

Graphic Designer, ”Kioski” -drama anthology, Arts Council of Pirkanmaa 2008

Visual Designer, ”Dance&Design” project, Arts Council of Pirkanmaa 2008

Exhibition Designer, “Väritetyt unet”, TR1 Exhibition Centre, Rupriikki Media Museum 2007

Graphic Designer, Coperdia, Upperline 2007–2008

YleisDesgn (former SuperDesign) - conceptual designing agency since 2006

Måns- Totally unfunctional adorable piece of rag with Mr Bobi since 2006


AD assistant, Adsek Advertising Agency 2004–2005

Custome-made Textile Art 2000–2004




Bachelor of Arts

TAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Art and Media, Department of fine arts, Tampere 2000


Entrepreneur, Vocational Qualification, Tampere Vocational Adult Education Centre TAKK 2014

Vocational Qualification in Publishing and Printing - Study Programme in Layout Design, Tampere College, Tampere 2004


High school degree, Lapinlahti Senior High School in Visual Arts, Lapinlahti, Finland 1995