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BCe makes art mainly from recycled materials like stamps, textile and domestic waste.

Kramppi De sign -project operates in a digital field with photos, vectors and illustrations.

Recycled art. Digital art. Art solutions.

Hungry for art? No idea for a gift?
Need a memorial artwork?

We also make custom work >


Troubled by miserable office space?
Are your speakers horrible?

Echoes in the hallways?

Interested in giving a percent to art already in the construction phase?

Art solutions for companies >


We are an artist couple Bce. We work with used materials. Recently we have focused especially to use of trash and bits and pieces collected before. We do also digital art. In digital prints we use as ecological alternatives as possible and integrated solutions.


Our artistic work in a nutshell cv >

In addition to art, we have a long history in graphic design, image processing and customer service. We have combined our skills when doing custom work, both according to the customer's wishes and listening to the needs of companies.


We implement customized, unique art solutions with a twist!